Bie The Ska

Singer, Entertainer & Comedian

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Gold Rimmed Limited Edition Sunglasses

Presale Starts: 1st Aug 2019, 09:00 AM

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When people think of Bie The Ska, the common theme seems to be Bie’s clothes, accessories or even his gold coloured car!

These limited edition gold-rimmed sunglasses have been designed by Bie, in order for you to be a little more like the star himself.

With a strong stainless steel gold coated frame and polycarbonate mirrored lenses (which are 10x stronger than plastic), these are sure to be your next favourite pair.

They also come with a limited edition Bie The Ska box.


  • Strong & Sturdy Stainless Steel Frame
  • Copper Temples
  • Black Rubber Tips for comfort
  • Limited Edition Storage Box
  • Polycarbonate Mirrored Lenses (10x stronger than plastic)

Location: Thailand

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Est. Delivery

7th Sep 2019

The Product Story

It has been a long journey over the years to my beloved 9 million subscribers. There are many countless questions about where to buy my clothes, glasses even my shoes. I found out that my fans got inspired and very excited when they were able to find clothes and dress like me and even develop their own style.

I would like to take this opportunity to show how I'm grateful for that so I turned my idea to the reality to make my own sunglasses.

About Bie The Ska


Bie the Ska is an entertainer from Thailand with over 9.3M+ YouTube subscribers. He became known for creating parody videos. Over the years he has grown his empire & reach by constantly remaining on the cusp of content that continues to delight his fans.

I'm so excited about these gold sunglasses! I hope everyone will wear them together with me. Let's be Bie together!