Bie The Ska

Singer, Entertainer & Comedian


Bie The Ska USB Key Ring

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A one-of-a-kind 64GB USB keyring from Bie The Ska. From cartoon model to portable flash drive, we’ve got you covered. The keyring also comes with a custom gift box.


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15th Dec 2019

The Product Story

Since starting “The Ska” all our content has been created for you with joy. Now, we have made something that can record so many memories. This Bie The Ska flash drive was designed to make you feel joy when you use it, and is now ready for everyone to pre-order.

Please leave your comments on TikTok @bietheska and use the code ‘Bie’ to get a discount on your next product order.



Bie the Ska is an entertainer from Thailand with more than 9.3 million YouTube subscribers. He became known for creating parody videos. Over the years he has grown his empire and reach by constantly remaining on the cusp of content that continues to delight his fans.

Before I started working with FlashFomo I was struggling to find time to source quality products that I could use to create my own brand. Now I can continue to make content and let FlashFomo build my brand!