2KSQUAD is a collective of young passionate performers (dancers, singers, musicians, etc.) who strive to take their talent to the next level. The performing crew will put on an annual show and show up as guest-performers in various local shows, in which it will strive to fully entertain the audience. With their mind-blowing stage presence and professionalism, the talented member's hard work guarantees to demonstrate the best sides of 2KSQUAD. Moreover, our YouTube channel features dynamic members doing what they know best: dance videos of self-choreographed routines, Music Videos of self-composed tracks and much more will be uploaded to this channel, be sure to check it out! Additionally, 2KSQUAD maintains a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account to keep a strong presence on the internet! By doing so, 2KSQUAD wishes to be the #1 performing crew in the Asian Montreal community. Get in touch with us today by subscribing to our YouTube, liking our Facebook, and following us on Twitter!
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