Here’s How Influencers Grow Their Brand While Managing to Stay Authentic

Here’s How Influencers Grow Their Brand While Managing to Stay Authentic

As a content creator—whether a YouTube personality, Instagrammer or TikTok creator—there’s no denying that you have influence: influence over how people think, influence over how they behave, and influence over what they spend their money on. Growing a fan base often means that people trust your judgement and like to know what you think and how you live your life. 

Enter the world of Paid Partnerships. Creators have a unique ability to market products directly to their fans, subscribers and followers; and when they do, the conversation of authenticity often comes up. When you have influencers marketing one brand one day, and another brand the next, their audience is often left questioning which products they actually advocate for, and which they are marketing purely for the paycheck.

The rise of the personal brand

Finding ways to grow your brand as an influencer can be challenging. Kanye West has Yeezy’s, Kylie Jenner has Kylie Cosmetics, Jessica Alba has The Honest Company, Dr. Dre has Beats by Dre, and you get the point. Instead of endorsing other products to grow their followers and increase their legitimacy as social influencers, creators and celebrities alike are creating their own products; products that they can 100% advocate for because they own them, and genuinely prefer them to more established brands.

How has this changed the game?

With influencers and content creators now marketing products that they 100% believe in, the often-debated question “are influencers authentic?” is somewhat redundant. Because, at the end of the day, what’s more authentic than creating a brand or line of products that you 100% believe in, and therefore can 100% advocate for?

How can micro-influencers do the same?

Nowadays, we’re seeing a democratisation of creators—with followers of all sizes—that have the ability and tools to create their own branded products and lines of merchandise that their followers and fans love. Whether they’ve built a following on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok; global creators are building a line of their own branded products to not only expand their brand, but to create a new revenue stream.

Enter FlashFomo

Say hello to the missing piece of your brand. FlashFomo is a platform that helps you build your digital storefront of personally-branded products, and then ensures you can amplify it across your social channels—like WeChat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Linktree and more—for maximum exposure. It means that you, as a social influencer, can seamlessly advertise your products to thousands, if not millions, of potential customers. It’s really 

Sure, there are loads of businesses that exist to help Creators build their brands; but not many can do it all. FlashFomo seamlessly connects the entire ecosystem: from manufacturing and delivery to your social platform integration.

The best part? FlashFomo caters to influencers all around the world. Unfortunately most platforms that help Creators sell their branded products either rely on Creators finding their own manufacturers, or favour those Creators in the US by only providing access to US manufacturers and fulfillment centres. And because most of the current merch providers—who aren’t us—are US focused, if your customers are located elsewhere, the purchases usually come with exorbitant international shipping prices. Using local manufacturers means that your customers pay way less for shipping. Plus, their goods arrive faster, giving them an all-over better customer experience.

Check out FlashFomo today.

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