If you’re looking for a way to expand your personal brand, we’ve got just the thing It’s basically Shopify for Creators; but simpler, and smarter!

This One-Stop Influencer Solution is the Missing Piece of Your Social Media Brand

If you’re a Creator, you’re always looking for ways to grow your brand to its fullest potential. There are multiple social channels you can tap into, new audiences you can reach and branded products you can create – but combining the three might have you at a standstill. If only there were a way to create your own branded products, host them on a digital storefront, and integrate that storefront onto all your social channels… easily. 

Enter FlashFomo. It’s basically Shopify for Creators; but simpler, and smarter! Yeh, we didn’t think that was possible either – until we created it. 

What’s FlashFomo?

FlashFomo is a one-stop Creator solution that helps you build your digital storefront of personally-branded products, and then helps amplify it across your social channels for maximum exposure. It means that you, as a social influencer, can seamlessly advertise your products to thousands, if not millions, of potential customers. 

In short: It’s your designs, your products, your profits. And the best part? It’s 100% free to set up.

What’s the reason that thousands of Creators love us?

Well, instead of just one reason, we can give you five. 

1. Expanding your brand and reaching new audiences is totally free

FlashFomo has a $0 CAC model! CAC means customer acquisition cost, meaning that finding those new customers won’t cost you a cent. You can make your merch shoppable on socials, and monetise the awesome brand you’ve built, for free!

2. We’re a YouTube Merch Shelf Partner

That means that at no additional cost, you can seamlessly host your branded products below your YouTube videos and on your YouTube channels. Plus, we’re the first non-US-based partner to operate on a global scale, meaning we cater to influencers (and their customers) all around the world!

3. We integrate with other social platforms too

Not only do we have a regarded YouTube partnership, we also allow you to host your digital storefront on your other social channels including, but not limited to, WeChat, Linktree, TikTok and Instagram.

4. Don’t want to deal with manufacturing? We got you

No, we don’t manufacture your products, but we do work with over 90 local manufacturers around the globe. And, because it is manufactured locally, your subscribers and customers (who are likely spread around the world) pay less for shipping AND have their goods arrive faster.

Plus, our close relationships with these manufacturers means that if service is ever compromised or you're dissatisfied with a manufacturer, we can quickly redirect to another facility.

5. It’s pretty effortless to use us

Once your store is set up, we seamlessly run everything from manufacturing and purchases to product delivery and social platform integration. Want to accept payment in multiple currencies? No problem! Need customer service? We got you.

We really are an end-to-end solution for awesome influencers like you so that you can focus on what you do best: creating.

Ready to unlock the missing piece of your brand? Find out how FlashFomo can make your merch shoppable today.