Collection: DJ Lizzy

LIZZY is China’s #1-ranked female DJ.

Bursting onto the scene in 2017, LIZZY has developed a loyal fan base throughout the region, where she has averaged over 100 performances a year. Besides being a top live act, she is an accomplished producer, having penned hits including Seeking Your Love, Tonight and Chasing the Light.

LIZZY has collaborated with top producers from around the world, including Ferry Corsten, Valentino Khan and Henri PFR. Her songs have appeared on the Billboard presents Electric Asia compilation albums, as well as Mixmag Selects singles.

自2017年出道以来,LIZZY已成为当前中国最受欢迎的女DJ,她在过去的2019年于中国大陆演出超过100场。LIZZY吸收了很多东西方音乐文化的精髓,不仅拥有强大的现场表演能力,精通作曲和编曲的她更曾发行多首收听率爆表的的作品,包括Seeking Your Love (由Trance传奇Ferry Corsten混音制作),Tonight和 Chasing the Light;虽然年纪轻轻,却已形成了融合House和Trance的个人风格,还曾和国际DJ Valentino Khan 和Henri PFR合作;她的作品更被Billboard纳入Electric Asia的专辑,还有被Mixmag Asia精选为Mixmag Selects ,成为亚洲备受瞩目的新星