Collection: DAVE DISCI

Hi there! Welcome to the Dumpling family official merch page, you've made it. 5 years ago I started the Dave Disci channel with hopes of growing a community that shared the same interest. I have finally found people I can fangirl with, and love the same things together with.
I wanted to make merch that we can all be proud of and represent the amazing community that we have grown together (and getting bigger). Dumplings, to me, represent positivity, keeping an open mind, and the ability to laugh at each other's mistakes sometimes. You guys have been so kind and wonderful to me, and I wanted to find a way for everyone to take a piece of our community with them anywhere they go. Each design has been hand drawn and will only get better as time goes by. 
Please take a look around and if you want to pick up anything, send me a picture on instagram and I will repost it!