Tech Platform, FlashFomo, Provides a Solution For International Influencers Looking to Grow Their Brand

Tech Platform, FlashFomo, Provides a Solution For International Influencers Looking to Grow Their Brand

The Australian-born company meets the industry’s growing demand for an all-in-one merchandising solution that caters to creators outside of the US.

FlashFomo has made recent waves in the influencer world by providing creators outside the US with a solution that they have been searching for: a one-stop platform that allows them to create, deliver and manage their own branded products; and then enables them to amplify it across their social platforms, reaching thousands, if not millions of potential new and existing customers. 

With 90% of YouTube views coming from outside the US—as well as over 37 million YouTubers residing outside of the country—the demand for a seamless merchandising solution is evident.

The company is a YouTube partner and prides themselves on being the first non-US-based partner to operate on a global scale.

“The Creator economy is focused on solutions for US-based Creators, yet 65% of current YouTube Authorised Merch retailers focus solely on the US,” says David Nicholls, Founder at FlashFomo. “This means that there is huge demand, yet hardly any supply that allows these talented Creators to grow their brands through personally-branded products.” 

FlashFomo allows influencers all around the world to create a digital storefront of branded merchandise while seamlessly connecting the entire ecosystem: from manufacturing and delivery to their social platform integration.

Benefits for influencers outside of the US:

  • YouTube partner: We have a regarded YouTube Merch Shelf partnership
  • Globally recognised: We are one of the first non-US-based YouTube partners to operate on a global scale, meeting the industry demand where it is: outside the US
  • Local manufacturing: Our relationships with 90+ international manufacturers allow us to focus on customer satisfaction by mitigating the risks of low quality or poor service, for creators selling their products
  • Low shipping prices: Because we use local manufacturers, customers pay significantly less shipping costs

For more information on FlashFomo, visit or for comment please email

About FlashFomo: FlashFomo opens the doors for global influencers to unlock the missing piece of their brand. The tech platform allows creators worldwide to activate and grow their brand via their social platforms by managing the end-to-end process;from product manufacturing and delivery all the way to YouTube and social platform integration. It’s social commerce made easy for influencers. 


This was featured in MartechSeries August 3rd 2021:

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